Friday, December 23, 2005

TechTipTuesday Podcast Launches!

Welcome and Happy Holidays. TTT will be posting weekly on Tuesdays once the routine is, well, routine. We're still noodling with format and concept, but the basic idea is to make use of the "Wired Wednesday" tech tips created by Page McMullen, Omari Lewis, Penny Phillips, Kathy Wierczerza, David Maclean, and Scott Merrick (moi) at University School of Nashville back in the academic years 2003-5 and originally published as hard-copy printed cards with a single corner perforation that allowed them to be added weekly to a little ring that in turn could be hung on a hook stuck onto the side of a teacher's computer monitor. I dare say some of these things are hanging there as I type.

Now, with the miracle of podcasting (a bit pretentious, I understand, but I'm just making a point here) we can get these out to the world--THE WORLD, I SAY--and perhaps help more folks keep their tools sharpened and their wheels greased. Enjoy TTT by subscribing to the podcast feed (soon, when it becomes available) and listening, then check out this page for the shownotes that will contain links to relevant resources.



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