Wednesday, January 04, 2006

TTT3 -- Basic File Management!

I'm not a particularly organized person. That said, I've become fairly good at knowing where I have stored something on my computer and being able to find it. There are times, though, when I need to find something I've "lost," and the tip in this episode of TTT precisely describes what it is I do in that event. There are all kinds of rumors that the current "file folder" organizational structure for PCs is under serious revision and may even be doomed for replacement by something determined to be more efficient or more intuitive, or both. Meanwhile, it's the old file cabinet metaphor for us all (image at right from Download TTT3 here. Enjoy and share! And don't forget to print or save for future reference the "Wired Wednesday" .pdf card, linked in the sidebar to the right.

The background music for this week's TechTipTuesday is some great music by Jim Fidler, a song called Merrigan's Reel, and was provided via the Podsafe Music Network at!


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