Sunday, January 15, 2006


Extensions, ya'll. Those little single dots followed by three (usually) letters that mean something. But what, one wonders. This definition at might help. If you don't want/need to get that technical, just give a listen to the very brief rundown about file extensions that comprises this week's TechTipTuesday! Download the file here or click on the "Feed" button on the right to browse all the TTTs you would like to hear; and don't forget to view and/or print this week's .pdf card (hey, that's an extension!), also listed in the sidebar to the right.

Music for this week's li'l show was created by David Keifer at Cagey House Music. His work is also to be found at the Podsafe Music Network. Thanks again, David!

Quick flash: After recording, I discovered a great website that you can visit to learn anything and everything about file extensions. It's Check that out!

And to display all file extensions on your computer, open your "My Documents" folder (or any folder), click "Tools," "Folder Options," then "File Types." You'll be amazed!

Cheers, and don't let yourself get overextended!


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