Friday, January 27, 2006


Everybody's faced it--the blue screen of death or the mouse that just won't mouse anymore, and along with it the keypad that just won't keypad. In my many days as Tech Coordinator I've heard maybe a hundred people tell me that their computer just wouldn't turn off. Invariably, I go to their classroom or to their computer, then turn the durned thang off using the tip included in today's TTT. Listen up: Download it here!

AND: Here's another tip not included in the 'cast: I subscribe to several newslists, and one in particular reaps me a weekly (or so) email that contains links to some wonderful tips for advanced users. Since this podcast really is for basic users, those in search of more advanced guidance might be encouraged to move on over and check out Jake Luddington's MediaBlab.

Music today is a song of mine I call "Colin's Walk," composed incrementally during countless walks with the wee babe on my back in a backpack, me with guitar, he all a-babble. I plan to compile a CD with this and other songs, to be entitled "Still Waiting." Appropriate, one thinks, since it's been a work in progress for, oh, around 3 years...


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