Tuesday, February 07, 2006

TTT7 -- Cache

It's all about the cache, ya'll. Not the "cash," though that'd be nice to have. It's about the way your browser works to save you time and bandwidth by displaying recently accessed webpages from your computer, not going back out again and downloading them again. This TTT will help you tweak your settings (or at least show you where to tweak them) and make your websurfing experience just that little bit better.

BTW, I did once have a cache torn down by a brown bear in Alaska, pulled out of a tree 15 feet high and ripped open. It looked like the big cans of bulk dried veggies had been used for target practice--but I knew that was only its teeth that made the holes.

I moved my camp the next morning.

Download TTT7 here. Don't forget to download the printable .pdf file from the sidebar at the right, and don't forget to smile!!!

Music today from the Podsafe Music Network. Image from the PennyPostcards website.



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