Tuesday, May 02, 2006

TTT 18 -- Word Tabs

Hey, ya'll,

This week we're laying out the text of our Wired Wednesday card on Tabs in Microsoft Word (image at right, Tab Hunter, heeheehee, courtesy of the Meeker Museum online) . The card and its resulting podcast audio barely scratch the surface of this powerful formatting tool, and because of that I'm adding some links here to additional resources. The folks at VTC (Virtual Training Company) have been creating and delivering tutorials on a wealth of computer related programs for a decade. Many of their tutorials are free, and the quality of the free ones leads me to believe that if one is interested in a tutorial that requires purchase, it would be money well spent. Check these tutorials out at their website. The tutorial about the formatting toolbar is particularly appropriate this episode. Suffolk University's Paul T. Birtwell has some great tutorials of his own, including this one on tabs. Or how about Penn State's tabs tutorial! Heck, you don't need me: Just google "word tabs tutorial" or some other variant of the query.

Download TTT18 here, or browse all TTT's by clicking on "Feeds" in the sidebar. Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network, a really nice piece from indie label BBE Records group Osunlade, called "Caseblanca of the Soul."

Cheers, all!


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