Thursday, March 09, 2006

TTT 12 -- Listservs!

It's an old concept, really--or at least relatively old as these things go. You sign up to receive periodic email messages from a group of like-minded collaborators. You can set your message preferences so that you receive every message any member sends to the "listserv," or one message a day, or one a week (called "digesting" one's messages). On all but the sleepiest of lists, I prefer the digest, else my email inbox becomes even more choked and unmanageable than it usually is. It's not blogging or wiki'ing or podcasting or any such trendy tech; it simply gets the job done. Want to discover a 3rd grade classroom somewhere that'll videoconference with yours? Pop out a post to ed1vidconf, the busy listserv for educators interested in IVC (interactive videoconferencing). Want to know what's new in cooking and food science? Join a listserv dedicated to that discussion. Gardening? Mandolin? Fishing? There's a listserv for every one of these and pretty much any interest you can name. Image courtesy of

TTT12 gives you, especially if you're an educator, some excellent starting tips on how to begin taking advantage of this sturdy technology. Get started today: You're missing the discussion!!!

Download TTT12 here. Be sure to grab the printable .pdf file in the bar to the right, should you be a hard-copy sort of earthling.

Music for today's podcast once again courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network, a little untitled dance ditty from a guy who calls his "one-man-band" Roll On Red. Must be from Alabama, methinks!!! Cheers, and roll on listserv!!!!!

Links mentioned in today's podcast:

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