Sunday, March 26, 2006

TTT 14-- Spyware!!!

This week's TTT offering aims to share some information that I actually want to share with you, as opposed to the information you may be unwittingly sharing with unscrupulous operators of spyware programs who have tricked or otherwise convinced you to install their automatic reporting software on your machine. This one's closely related to TTT 13, when we looked at Internet Pop-up Messages, because those messages often provide the way a lot of this stuff can propogate.

Be sure to see the original Wired Wednesday card in the sidebar if you're a paper-collecting sort of a fellow or lass, and I'm adding one link that might help you understand this whole topic better. Knowledge is power, don'tcha know: Wikipedia's comprehensive Spyware entry.

Download TechTipTuesday episode 14 here!

Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network, a tidy little song called "Walkin' the Beat" by a one-man group appropriately named "Electric Spy!"


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